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We believe that the appeals process or appellate procedure is very different from other aspects of litigation. Not only is there no discovery, the appellate record is limited to what was already presented to the lower court. Appellate procedure often proceeds at a much faster pace than general litigation. In general, an appeal is presented to a multi-judge panel and is decided almost entirely on the written briefs and any oral argument if granted. Given the circumstances of the appellate process, we work with the client in developing and simplifying the most complex facts and circumstances to create compelling arguments before the appellate panel that maximizes the client's chances for success.

While we evaluate requests for appellate assistance on a case-by-case basis, we generally handle those appellate matters involved with:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment and discrimination litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • Personal injury and wrongful death litigation
  • Products liability litigation
  • Maritime and admiralty litigation
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