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As counsel for both Korean companies and U.S. companies, we have acted as a corporate bridge between those companies to reduce the difference in their corporate culture and business environments. Based upon our attorneys' personal background and work experience with Korean companies, we understand challenges Korean companies usually face when legal disputes arise from their businesses in the U.S. as well as when Korean companies explore business opportunities in the U.S. In 2008, the Small & Medium Business Corporation, a non-profit organization funded by the Korean government, selected our firm as an approved legal advisor to Korean companies that are seeking to start their businesses in the U.S. Based upon this experience, our firm also provides assistance to U.S. companies in connection with their initial communications, negotiations, and resolution of disputes with Korean companies or Korean government entities.

Here are examples of our representations of Korean companies:

  • Handle Korean companies' U.S. investment and joint ventures.
  • Assist U.S. subsidiaries of Korean companies in terms of their internal legal matters, legal and business strategies, and negotiations of business opportunities.
  • Provide our General Counsel Service for U.S. subsidiaries of Korean companies in handling routine legal matters.
  • Manage and monitor U.S. law firms' representation of our Korean company clients so that our clients could achieve their goals concerning legal issues in the U.S.

Here are examples of our representations of U.S. companies:

  • Provide general legal advice to U.S. companies concerning their businesses with Korean companies or government entities.
  • Participate in U.S. company client's meetings with Korean companies or government entities concerning key business deals and regulatory issues.
  • Assist our U.S. company clients in finding effective legal representation before Korean courts.
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