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We represent companies in protection and promotion of their rights in intellectual property. We also represent corporate entities or individuals in registering their trademark and copyright, and advise owners of trademark and copyright to take appropriate preventative measures against any potential infringement activities.

Here are examples of cases we have handled:

Trademark and Copyright Protection Litigation and Counseling

  • Represented a trademark licensor in its business disputes with a licensee due to the licensee's material breach of a trademark license agreement.
  • Represented companies in their infringement actions against entities, which used the companies' trademark without proper authorization.
  • Advised an entertainment content provider in terms of strategies to prevent unauthorized use of the provider's copyrighted work.
  • Advised an artist with regard to protection of the artist's copyrighted work.
  • Advised and recommended necessary actions clients should take to prevent trademark or copyright infringement activities.
  • Provided clients with alternative solutions to trademark and copyright infringement activities to avoid costly litigations.

Registration of Trademark and Copyright

  • Represented and advised domestic and foreign companies with regard to their registration of trademark and copyright.
  • Advised corporate entities or individuals in determining proper protection of their intellectual property.
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